It all started when…

I was 12 years old and my, aspiring to be a photographer, older sister (now a very talented photographer) asked me to be her test model. Although it was grueling, I did it!

Shoot after shoot, and time after time I begin to grow a love for it. I started to understand that modeling is a living art and is consently evolving in many different ways. Now 18 years old, I developed a passion for seeing two or more creatives collaborating to create something beautiful that they could not have done it alone.

Ever since, no one can seem to stop me from exploring fields, forests, and often times different parts of the world all for the sake of art!

I have traveled cross country for modeling and I know this is just the beginning for my modeling journey. I am so looking forward for all that is to come with my future with modeling. I would love to connect with you.